Mister Africa International 2013

Mister Africa International is the world's fastest growing male competition and it returns to the city of London for the 2013 edition themed AFRICAN DREAM. The international contest is not just for the winners of male pageants in the African Continent but also sees African communities from all parts of the world being represented. A look at the 26 contestants vying for this year's title. 
The Event will be held on the 24th of August, at the Africa Centre , in London, its going to be amazing. For more information please emailinfo@justfashionuk.com
See photos of contestants below.....

MR  AFRICA MARTINIQUE. winner of the biggest martinique competition , Mr Martinique ambassador  believes he has got the brains and body to win the Mister Africa International

MR AFRICA - GREAT BRITAIN. Valentine Amal loved art while growing up and spent alot of free time drawing.

MR AFRICA - Norther Ireland. Jude is a fitness model and this will be his first time in an international male fashion competition and he is looking forward to it.

MR AFRICA - SCOTLAND. Suave finished from a military school and know studies at Newcastle University. He believes everyone has a selling point and you dnt have to be perfect.

MR AFRICA GUYANE. he is known to have one of the best bodies in the competition. Having won the Mr Guyana Ambassador competition in July , he cant wait to make history again.

MR AFRICA IRELAND. Uche believes fitness is mostly about the food that you eat. having lived in Dublin for almost ten years , he is the 1st Mr Africa - Ireland

MR AFRICA USA. Michael is the winner of the Face of Africa , USA which selects the US representative to Mister Africa Internatioanl. He plays various musical instruments.

MR AFRICA WALES. Wales debuts in the Mister Africa Internatioanal with Theordore. He has very fond memories of him growing up and this has given him a strong foundation in life.

MR ANGOLA. Carlos stands at 6 ft 4 and is the winner of Angola's biggest male competition , Mr Angola. He recenlty attended a charity event with the reigning Mr South Africa.

MR BOTSWANA. Jaydon stands at 6 ft 3  and believes family always comes first in everything but he also doesnt joke with his body.

MR CAMEROON. Claude Thierry Mbouck is one of the top models in Cameroon. He will love to visit different countries and touch many lives and believe this title will provide that.

MR CAPE VERDE. Odair is known as 'the body'. he stands at 6 ft 4 and one of his selling points is his hair he believes. he is a sports lover.

MR COTE D VOIR. Salomon according to his friends is very fashion forward. He likes to look the part. he is looking forward to the contest and hopes to bring the crown home.

MR GAMBIA. he is one of the tallest contestants in the competition. With The Gambia finishing second place last year  , Gambia believes he has got what it takes to win the title.

MR GHANA. Giuseppe Nkansah has done some high profile jobs including pepsi and techno Ghana. He as also acted alongside International movie star Omotola Jadesola.

MR IVORY COAST. Mr Ivory Coast UK , Sam Aaron loves  fashion. He also likes to motivate others and believes this platform will give him the opprotunity to touch lives.

MR MALI.  Mali debuts in the Mister Africa International with Naphier. he loves fashion and fitness.

MR MOROCCO.  Oliver Mo , stands at 6 ft 2 and is one of top models in his country. It will be his first visit to the Uk and he is looking forward to it.

MR NIGERIA. Chidubem Osungade, 24 stands is winner of Nigeria's biggest male competition Mr Ideal Nigeria. He has his own security outfit in Lagos.

Mr Nigeria

MR SIERRA LEONE. Gus is known as not only one of the sexiest but influentuial men from Sierra Leone and he believes the title will come back to Sierra Leone again this year.

MR SOMALI. Somali debuts this year with Hassan Mohammed , a fitness trainer. He is really excited about the comeptition. with a great mind , you can achieve anything.

MR SOUTH AFRICA. Mthoko is one of the top models in South Africa. He is looking forward to the competition , having represented SA in an international pageant before.

MR TANZANIA. he has got one of teh best bodies in the world. He is looking forward to winning the competition and touring the world.

MR TOGO. Model and artist , Blings is looking forward to the contest and he believes the contest will launch him into the entertainment world.

MR UGANDA. Durwayne is very energetic and very charismatic too. He loves to challenge himself, explains the reason he has got such an amazing body.

MR ZIMBABWE. Denver Isaac is a renowed actor and model. He is looking forward to the competition as Zimbabswe debuts in Mister Africa International.

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